This trailer is amazing. 
Release date is September 27th (US)

Batman Arkham City - Catwoman Preview

Batman Arkham City - Riddler Trailer.

Reading old Gotham Adventures.
Circa 1998.
Batgirl #24
Interesting cover
Batgirl #23
Batgirl #21
Someone’s freed the lunatics from Le Jardin Noir, France’s equivalent to Arkham Asylum, and they’ll turn Paris into a living nightmare unless Batman and Robin can get there to stop them.
August’s BATMAN AND ROBIN #26 will be written by David Hine and illustrated by Greg Tocchini, and features the psychedelic cover by Chris Burnham shown below.
Gotham City Sirens #23
Gates of Gotham # 3 of 5
Gates of Gotham # 2 of 5
Gates of Gotham # 1 of 5